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This Town: a postcard of terror

Abubakir Abdul-Halil makes an emotional return to Damakuli in north-eastern Nigeria only to find himself caught in the middle of a nasty terror-anti-terror conflict.

His younger sister has recently been widowed after her police husband was shot by a terrorist gang. He plans to take her back to Lagos with him. The moment he steps into Damakuli, things begin to go all wrong. First, he stumbles into an IED factory, and then he discovers to his shock that his childhood friend has joined a terrorist cell.
He wonders at the chance that this friend of his has killed his in-law. As if that is not enough, he finds himself in the ruthless custody of the terror cell about to be executed as they are convinced he is a spy for the government.
He would then require more than a miracle to make him see the next sunrise, let alone leaving Damakuli alive with his sister.

Apprehension came first to town, then the blowout of a glaring horror of bloodshed. after which survivors and the struggling and adapting species give off the plastic, all-isn't-that-bad smile. -Abubakir Abdul-Halil

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